​          Sometimes it makes sense to use a smorgasbord approach and tap into local health
 ​       access resources to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, or fill in the gaps that your
        health plan just won't cover.  Below is a list of resources for people who are either 
        uninsured or underinsured.

                                   Wellness Information Network Resources

          ​=>​ Metro Community Provider Network for low
               cost preventive health services. - mcpn.com

          ​=> The 9 News Health Fair every April - 9healthfair.org

          ​=> Doctor's Care offers discounted health insurance that
               is income based. - drscare.org

          ​=> Denver Health Medical Center and University Hospital for
               E. R. care for the uninsured (indigent care).

​          =>​ CICP discounted health insurance from the Denver Health
               Medical Center. -  (303) 866-3513

​          => Low cost children's shots at the Tri-County health 
               clinics. - (303) 452-9547

          ​=> Low cost women's health screenings at Planned Parenthood.

​          => To get a free copy of your medical file go to the Medical Information
               Bureau. (866) 692-6901

          ​=> For the latest on available programs in your state go to the new
               Federal website; healthcare.gov

          => For information on what various medical procedures cost you can go
               to healthcarebluebook.com.

          => For profiles on medical providers and hospitals go to healthgrades.com

          => For additional details on government programs in your state go to

          => For addition cost information on medical prcedures go to fairconsumer.org.

          => For help with medical billing issues, try billadvocates.com.
          => For resouce information about weight management ideas go to

          => For experienced in-home medical care, contact the visiting nurse
               association at vnacolorado.org.