Twenty Essential Keys for a Successful Business

        * Carefully appraise employees through performance reviews.

        * Eliminate waste by identifying and categorizing all costs (fixed/

        * Implement and expense an purchasing control system.

        * Initiate systematic production and scheduling controls.

        * Create an efficient plant layout, and material and flow.

        * Install a performance based, wage incentive plan.

        * Set up and maintain measurable, high quality control standards.

        * Thoroughly research and understand your markets and client needs.

        * Use financial ratios to monitor your liquidity and efficiency.

        * Use Cost/Volume/Profit analysis to track the relationship of 
           costs to volume and profit.

        * Know your contribution margin ratio, and breakeven point/date.

        * Carefully monitor your method of mark-ups to insure you are
           accounting for all overheads.

        * Use profit and overhead planning formulas to improve ownership

        * Dispose of unproductive assets.

        * Use budgeting and variance reporting to track estimated/actual costs.

        * To manage cash flow, use weekly cash requirements reporting.

        * Know your payroll burden.

        * Build a sound organization through policy and procedure manuals.

        * Maintain an executive business plan summary for strategic planning.

        * Seek constant improvement of all company processes/procedures.


Top Tenets
for a Successful