Small Business

                    Twelve Truisms for most Small Businesses

* Your business is unique, the challenges are common.

* It's not what you are doing in business, but rather what you are 
  not doing that is more important.

* It's easier to anticipate problems, rather than solve them.

* Your strength is your competitor's weakness, conversely their
   strength is your weakness.

* Always navigate from strength, be proactive.  The best time to
  prepare for war is in times of peace.

* If you put good people in a bad system, you get bad results. 

* Change is happening at an accelerating rate, the best way to predict
   your future, is to create it.  "Don't wait until you are thirsty to dig your    well".

* Your competition affects your prices, not your costs.

* You compete for business, and you compete for labor. If you are
   complacent, so are your employees.

* Problems in business are complex, if they were easy to solve you 
  could buy a list of standard procedures on how to solve them.

* Errant assumptions are at the heart of every poor decision, the
  ongoing assumption you could be totally wrong, is the key to getting
  it completely right.

* Business has finite resources, nothing is neutral.  Every decision
   you make either adds to your net worth, or subtracts from it.